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Growing your property portfolio is becoming the most popular avenue of wealth creation worldwide or maybe you are looking for your forever home.

We get our properties either directly from developers or from clients who have approached us for private sales, assuring that these properties are in tip top condition for you. All our properties are located south-east Queensland, perfect for first home buyers and investors.

Property investment for most has only seemed attainable by the extremely wealthy but with the dynamic market, government incentives and services we have to offer, we believe that this is no longer the case. People who had never dreamed of generating their wealth in such a way are now presented with the incredibly realistic ability to do so. 

We have a selection of listings to match to the right buyer in order to ensure that you make the most out of your investment. By increasing your property portfolio, you will likely be able to retire early without having to worry about finances. 

Through every step along the way, Tara Properties and Investments are working with you to a secure your future wealth through property and with our expertise in utilising unconventional spaces, we are able to present these properties in ways you may not have even considered, opening new doors and horizons for comfy living. 


My commitment to project marketing for Developers ensures that my clients receive their desired outcome from every interaction. I understand the importance of getting the market research right and how costly it can be if this is not correct. 

One of the channels available to Development investors is to use an external agent and this is where I come in. 

I have a back book of potential home buyers and investors that are eager to hear about new developments to invest in. 

I have built trust in my buyers because I go above and beyond for their satisfaction by utilising my design experience and my eye for detail to perfectly match buyers/ investors to properties. They have come to rely on me to view the development project, look at the site and check out the floor plans. I will then match the prospective buyers with the right property and meet with them to give my recommendation. 

Beyond these above reasons developer’s choose to work with Tara Properties, Investments & Design, time and time again on multiple projects, I also have industry contacts to ensure that you have a variety of options and can be assured you will be getting the best options available. With my strong background in real estate and research I understand that your projects are your livelihood and I will bring you the details and plans to ensure your market spend is maximised.  From our initial meeting I will keep you updated every step of the way with any new possibilities and market updates that may occur.

On Premise Design.

Our specialised interior design skills will be able to enhance any space you require. 

We work hard for our clients to ensure their investment are maximised or even just to put the love back into your house. Our additional services maximise spaces and bring out your home’s full potential though interior design and we think out of the box with creative solutions, saving you time by taking these time consuming projects off your hands. We outsource our furniture for property styling from our partnered companies providing our customers with an extensive collection of items to choose from. Our ability to couple design with property sales and investments ensures you can maximise your returns on your investments or love the home you are settling down in.

We provide residential and interior design services for the Gold Coast and beyond and thrive on our clients being satisfied with the outcome. From your initial contact with us we will remain active and responsive to ensure that time and money are being used to it’s full potential. We aim to also ensure that our services are affordable for all. Before we start making any changes to any space or purchases towards materials, we always show our clients the concept, agree on a budget and carry out the work always to a high standard. You will be able to view some spaces we have completed for previous satisfied clients on our portfolio. 



With careful planning and the use of 3D computer programs such as SketchUp or even manual drafts, we can assist clients with forward thinking for their space.

We ensure that the spaces are not only functional and appealing but safe and productive.

We are inspired to help any space reach its full potential through clever furniture placement and making sure lighting and colour palettes are suited to bring out the best in the space. 

Other services offered include, but are not limited to,

  • remodelling design
  • space planning
  • furniture selections
  • vacant home staging
  • project oversight
  • colour consultations
  • window treatments
  • flooring
  • and much more...

Vacant Home Staging.

Empty houses move slow on the market - if they move at all. This is because potential buyers cannot imagine a space being lived in and they find it challenging to visualise the space and how much there is to work with.

With our vacant home staging service, we will help you source the furniture and décor and to make the home stand out.

We will present the optimal layout and style of a space that will have the buyers making offers faster than they would on an empty space.

Research has shown buyers will often reduce their offer when the property they are looking at is empty because they are missing the elements needed to see the full potential. Our range and experience in property styling will give the higher potential of closing sales.

We work closely with you to ensure that you are communicated with throughout the whole process. House staging is one of our many services and we ensure that you are satisfied with everything we do. We ensure to work within your budget to bring the maximum impact from as little or as much staging as you would like for the space. Whether you are selling or hoping to rent out the space we will make sure that every potential client of yours can see the full potential of the space which will reduce the number of people trying to drop the price or not putting offers in at all. Your satisfaction is our main goal.

We have furniture packages available to take the stress out of furnishing your new home. Starting from $4,500 for a 1 Bedroom + living room Package plus $1,500 for any additional bedroom. Get in touch for more details and we can help you design your home to suit your individual needs.

What You

Can Expect.

A high level of professionalism and customer service.

In Property Interior Design and Styling, an eye-catching design with impeccable detail. 

In Property Sales & Marketing - a dedicated agent who achieves the highest possible result for every client. Not many people realise the importance of an interior designer, but Tara Properties and Investments believes that it is vital to the outcome of any sale.


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